Due to delayed flowering this year, Wildside will be open for visitors on the following dates in August :- Thursday, August 12th through to Sunday, August 15th. There is no need to prebook a visit.

(see Visiting page for 2021 dates)

On the wild side – an experiment in new naturalism

“Looking at the treasure trove of gardening ideas to be found in nature, from under our noses to far-flung corners of the globe. By allowing our observations of natural landscapes to inform our plantings, I believe that we can loosen the strait-jacket that long-established horticultural practices impose allowing the enormous creative potential, latent within most of us, the freedom to express itself.”

Keith Wiley

About Wildside

Read more about Keith and Ros before coming, and read our latest news for updates. Sadly Ros died in 2019, you can read her eulogy on the About page. As a tribute to Ros, we have a plan to transform the canyons into a uniquely exciting garden in her memory, and in the long term to become a respite for cancer sufferers.

Please take a few minutes to read about the Tribute Garden and consider donating to help me complete this project.

We open on specific days during the year, or by arrangement for groups, read the Visit Us page for details. The Nursery is not open generally, but only on the days we open for visitors.

When you come to visit, read the Visit Us page to discover how to get here. If you need to get in touch read our Contact page.

What Others Say

Gardens Illustrated, October 2019

“Wildside, the garden of pioneering plantsman Keith Wiley, is the most exciting and innovative garden in Britain today. Designer, gardener and builder, Keith has created Wildside from the land by his own hand, carving pools and canyons to make spaces inspired by the natural landscape.”

Lucy Bellamy, Editor

The Garden, RHS magazine, May 2019

“Wildside is an extraordinary place. Keith’s ability to replicate different environmental situations and plant habitats – and blend them together seamlessly – is nothing short of spectacular”

Chris Young, Editor

The Telegraph

“Wildside is a garden that never fails to thrill”

“Wiley’s energy and originality – his inspiration coming from his own observations of nature and plants, rather than the work of other gardeners and designers – is mind-boggling. There are many developments to come – a water garden, more canyons to be planted near the nursery, and the continuation of his Garden House experiments with self-seeding (though at the moment, maintenance constraints mean woodchip and stable manure mulches have to be used to prevent seed germination). But already, Wildside is a tour de force.”

Stephen Lacey

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